ERKA FINESSE 2 STETHOSCOPE - adult - black 535 000 00, 1 pc.

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With the reversible double chest-piece you'll be prepared for all eventualities in everyday medical practice. The membrane side guarantees optimal auscultation for the entire frequency spectrum and the open bell side is specifically designed for low frequencies.

- Pre-tensioned ERKA. convex membrane provides excellent resonance and sound.
- Non-chill ring ensures highest patient comfort.
- Superior polish, chromium-plated, nonporous surface and brass chest-piece ensure perfect surface hygiene.
- Two internal channels run parallel in the stethoscope tubing preventing any noise caused by friction of two separate tubes.
- Through the separately integrated spring in the tube, there is no acoustic loss from the chest-piece to the ear.
- Standard 15° inclined binaurals can be individually adapted to the specific ear canal of the user.
- Ergonomic design and super soft tips provide excellent acoustic seal against external noise interference and maximize user's comfort.

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