DECONTAMINATING MAT 45x90 cm - 30 layers - blue

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Mats to be used in all environments that require total absence of contaminating agents and the preservation of high hygenic levels.

GIMA mat, thanks to antibacterial glue captures and retains dust and bacteria and substantially reduces bacteria growth and spreading.

A full lenght adhesive sheet on the bottom of the mat provides a firm to grip to the floor. Easy removability without leaving any adhesive trace.

Each mat includes 30 numbered polythene sheets and non-adhesive edge strip to allow easy removal of each used layer.

Packed in a stylish dispenser folder with handle for easy carriage and vertical storage. Each mat can be easily picked leaving the others perfectly stored.

- Total mat thickness: 1.5 mm
- Dimensions: 45 x 90 cm
- Color: blue
- Box of 5 mats with 30 sheet each

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